• Red Star Designs & Builds Insert Molding Machines
  • Red Star Designs & Builds Injection Molds In House
  • Red Star Designs & Builds Fixtures and Automation


  • Red Star Customizes, Automates,  Maintains, Repairs, and Builds all of our Equipment
  • Red Star Maintains, Repairs, and Alters Molds In House


  • Red Star is in control of all manufacturing aspects
    • Machine Design, Build, Maintenance, Repair
    • Mold Design, Build, Maintenance, Repair
    • Custom Processes and Automation Design, Build, Repair
    • On Time Delivery
    • Quality

Apart from the competition, Red Star designs and builds its own Insert Molding Machines, customizing them for each application as required, cutting cycle times and optimizing production.  This expertise provides a robust supply chain that is quick to launch.

Contact the skilled team at Red Star to discuss more about how we can assist with your specific needs and requirements.

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